Introducing Support Hour Packs: A Hassle-Free Approach to IT Support

At SecureCPU, we understand that businesses require flexible and convenient IT support services. That's why we offer support hour packs – an easy way for you to purchase IT support hours in advance, streamlining your experience with our team.

Benefits of Purchasing Support Hour Packs

  • Flexibility: Purchase the number of support hours you need, and use them when you require our services. No need to commit to long-term contracts or ongoing monthly fees.
  • Simplicity: Easily track your available support hours and know exactly how much time you have left for assistance.
  • No Surprises: With support hour packs, you know the cost upfront, avoiding any unexpected charges or billing disputes.
  • Priority Service: Clients who purchase support hour packs receive priority when scheduling appointments and requesting assistance from our team.

How to Purchase Support Hour Packs

  1. Choose Your Pack: We offer various support hour packs to suit your business needs. Select the pack that best matches your requirements.
  2. Complete Payment: Securely pay for your chosen support hour pack through our website.
  3. Schedule Assistance: Once your payment is processed, you can easily schedule appointments and request support from our team, using your purchased support hours.

Our Support Hour Packs

We offer the following support hour packs to cater to your business needs:

If you need a custom support hour pack tailored to your organization’s requirements, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Understanding Our Terms and Service Hours

To ensure clarity and a smooth experience when using our support hour packs, we would like to define some essential terms and conditions:

  • Estimates: We can provide upfront estimates if you give us a clearly defined scope of work. This helps us to better understand your requirements and deliver the most accurate time and cost projections.
  • Standard Business Hours: Our standard business hours are Monday through Thursday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time, and Fridays from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Purchased support hours can only be utilized during these hours.
  • Outside Business Hours: For any work performed outside of our standard business hours or on holidays, please request a quote. We will assess the requirements and provide a customized proposal.

Warranty on Hourly Work

Due to the nature of the IT services we provide, we do not offer warranties on hourly work. Each hour we work is billable, regardless of the outcome. While our team will recommend the level of effort required to implement a solution or fix an issue, it is ultimately up to you to inform us if there is a cap on the number of hours we spend per engagement. By setting clear expectations and communicating effectively, we can work together to achieve the best possible results for your business.

Get Started with Support Hour Packs Today

Take advantage of our convenient and flexible support hour packs and experience seamless IT support services for your business. Purchase a support hour pack now and enjoy a hassle-free IT support experience.

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